My love for glitter and carnival is where the idea of Luminosity Glitter was born.

The colours, glitter, music and vibrant costumes make the whole experience a memorable one.

After years of covering my friends and anyone in sight in glitter, a documentary on plastic pollution got me thinking about what actually happens to glitter afterwards. 

My mission is to convert everyone to biodegradable cosmetic glitter and eradicate this popular micro plastic as its causing irreversible harm to our marine life and environment. 

After all, we only get one planet. We need to start looking after it.

Luminosity Glitter is biodegradable and eco friendly glitter... 
based on plants not plastic, without compromising on sparkle!

Proven to biodegrade in a natural environment in around 4 weeks, our eco friendly glitter has a huge 92%* of its plastic content removed and is based on plant cellulose; Primarily Eucalyptus from sustainable and responsible plantations.

(The other ingredients are: 0.1% Aluminium for shine and 8% styrene/acrylates for cosmetic binding)


Our glitter is proudly:

  • 92% Biodegradable (Making it the most sparkly eco friendly alternative on the market)

  • Eco Friendly; biodegrading in around 4 weeks in a natural environment.

  • Cruelty Free

  • Vegetarian Friendly and our sparkle range is vegan friendly too.

  • Made predominantly from plant cellulose

  • Much softer on the skin than plastic based glitters

This innovative creation is a game changer in the eco friendly and cruelty free beauty industry.

 Glitter may be tiny, but i'm hoping it'll make a huge difference this festival season.

Join the Eco Glitter Revolution!